With their myriad contributions, these founding fathers have nurtured and have taken every step to develop the institution to this glorious height. The successful implementation of their novel schemes has reaped, ample rewards in the course of time.
24.07.19631964Thiru. S. Sabanayagam B.E.Special Officer (Head of Section/Civil)
19651969Thiru. S. Sanga Reddy B.E.Special Officer (Lect.(G)/Civil)
197030.12.1972Thiru. H.S. Ponraj B.E.-M.S.Principal
31.12.1972May 79Thiru. P. Sankaran B.E.Principal
Jun. 79May 81Thiru. A. Ramasamy B.E.Principal
May 81May 83Thiru. K. Manickavasagam B.E.-B.Tech.EdPrincipal
June 83Thiru. D. Thulasi B.E.Principal
Thiru. C. Rangasamy M.TechPrincipal i/c (HOD/EEE)
Thiru. K.V. SrinivasanPrincipal
19861987Thiru. K. Renganathan MIEPrincipal i/c (HOD/Mech.)
12.01.198731.05.1991Thiru. T. Kaliarajan B.Sc.-B.E.Principal
01.06.199131.12.1992Thiru. R. Nagumani B.E.-B.Tech.Ed.Principal i/c (Lect./Civil)
01.01.199310.09.1996Thiru. K. Veeran M.E.Principal
11.09.199609.10.1996Thiru. R. Nagumani B.E.-B.Tech.Ed.Principal i/c (HOD/Civil)
10.10.199609.12.1997Thiru. M.R. Raghavan B.E.Principal
10.12.199710.03.1998Thiru. S. Kasi Viswanathan B.E.-M.Sc.(Engg.)Principal i/c (HOD/Mech.)
11.03.199831.05.1999Thiru. N.V. Sundaragopal B.E.Principal
01.06.199931.01.2000Thiru. S. Kasi Viswanathan B.E.-M.Sc.(Engg.)Principal i/c (HOD/Mech.)
01.02.200024.05.2000Thiru. N. Jawahar M.E.Principal i/c (HOD/EEE)
25.05.200031.05.2002Thiru. M. Dakshinamoorthy M.E.Principal
01.06.200231.05.2003Thiru. A.S. Muruganandham M.EPrincipal i/c (Senior Lect. / Civil)
01.06.200330.09.2004Thiru. P. Mohammed Sadiq B.E.-B.Tech.EdPrincipal i/c (Senior Lect. / Civil)
01.10.200405.12.2006Thiru. M. Iyappan M.E.Principal i/c (Senior Lect. / Civil)
06.12.200631.05.2010Thiru. A. Nagarajan M.EPrincipal i/c (HOD / Mech.)
01.06.201031.05.2011Thiru. M. Iyappan M.E.Principal i/c (Senior Lect. / Civil)
01.06.201118.06.2012FNThiru. G. Subbramaniam B.EPrincipal i/c (Senior Lect. / EEE)
18.06.2012 AN03.12.2012Thiru. V. Subbaraj M.E.-B.Tech.Ed.Principal i/c (HOD / EEE.)
03.12.201230.5.2018Thiru. V. Subbaraj M.E.-B.Tech.Ed.Principal
01.06.2018 AN10.06.2018Thirumathi. M.Poonkulali B.E.,Principal i/c
11.06.2018Till DateThirumathi. M.Vigneswari M.E.,Principal i/c