The Department of Basic Engineering comprising English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry, ensure the students with a strong foundation of basic ideas and concepts that are essential in grooming the budding engineers. With a fleet of 17 committed faculty, the department imparts quality education instilling in them the spirit of questioning and reasoning. For all the branches- Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, the curriculum is common.

The Department, every year, organizes Science Day Celebrations in which the students demonstrate various science projects. Through the projects, students imbibe the applications of science in day-to-day life, fostering their scientific temper and also motivating them to do further researches for human welfare.

English Communication Lab

English Communication lab is established with a view to honing the essential skills that are required to master the language. The audio-visual aids in the lab facilitate in communicating in English with great élan and ease. Communication and Life skills practical, included in the syllabi, equips them well with a pre placement training that assures them a place in the companies of repute. The lab also encompasses a library to promote the reading skill among the students.

Physics Lab

The full-fledged Physics laboratory meets the needs of the students as per the curriculum of Directorate of Technical Education, Tamil Nadu. The students are trained effectively to enhance their practical skills and to gain knowledge through the experiments.

Chemistry Lab

A well equipped spacious lab which provides a hands –on experience to the students in salt analysis, titration, pH analysis with regard to the prescribed curriculum. It also ensures a safe environment by adhering to strict safety measures.